I can’t wait until after the June 21 Moderator Election because win, lose, draw or sudden-death iron cage match, after the election I am getting back to one blog.  It may seem very very sad to many of you, but trying to separate my Presbyterian, pastoral, personal and plucky self is driving me nuts.  As much as I have tried to make the other blog not too churchy-serious and as much as I have tried to not be just fluff – debateable I know – on this one, I end up not feeling particularly consistent on either.

Yeah, I know, tough life 😉

In any case, lest you think I have forgotten how to blog about some more important pastoral/church issues, here are a couple posts from the other blog that might interest you.

What’s the purpose of the Moderator?
Problems with a 2.0 Moderator
On transparency and leadership
Four cultural shifts the Presbyterian Church (USA) Needs to Make

Later all!


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