Yes, I am going to quote my kids.  Because I think they are funny.  Plus, Sunday PM blog posts never get read anyway 😉

From the back of the van today as the Eldest was cleaning out her third-row space and somehow things ended up on the Youngest.

Youngest, " Daaaad, E is throwing stuff at me."
Eldest, "Actually, things are being dropped on you."

Oh, that makes it a lesser offense.


Middle’s take on our move to a smaller apartment.

Middle, "Dad, do you know why I like this apratmenr better than our house?"
Dad, "Nom why?"
Middle, "Because it is okay to flush the tpilet while someone is in the shower

Ahh, the small joys in life.


On my free-style rap skilz

Eldest, "Daaaaaad, stop my ears are bleeding!"

I don’t think she was kidding.

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