As many of you know, part of the journey towards the moderator election entails answering questions from organizations and individuals.  Folks want to gauge where we are on certain issues, get a feel for our personalities and in the end discern who God needs to serve in this particular role at this particular time.  There is this awkward idea that there should be equal "exposure" to the candidates that makes this whole interactive blogging thing difficult with individuals.   With organizations, however, the candidates have come to the agreement that any organization that wants questions answered must invite all candidates, give a strict word count and publish responses unedited.  Traditional questions posers have been The Presbyterian Outlook and The Witherspoon Society.  This year we also welcome Presbyweb and most likely Presbymergent to the mix.  I personally think the more exposure the better – shocker I know – because I figure any questions that an individual has, there are hundreds more with the same question.

The first out of the block today was Presbyweb and our responses to the question, "What is the Gospel?"  Presbyweb is a paid service, but if you are not a member you can get a trial account so you can see all four responses.  There was a 300 word count on this one.  Difficult to say the least.

Here is a snippet of my response . . .

I believe the world – and the church – is drawn to living in a culture of fear and anxiety. We know exactly what to do and how to interact when we are scared or anxious. We survive. While self-preservation is understandable, when the focus on survival holds us back from experiencing the transformative power of Christ, we have turned away from our call to be a presence of peace and calm in a world of storms. [Read on]

As for submitting questions to me please feel free to send me an eMail [breyeschow at gmail dot com].  I may ask you if I can post my response here.  Each of the other three candidates also have ways to submit questions via blog or contact page, so please engage us in your discernment.

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