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There as a really good article published this last week in the SF Gate, “Millenial Generation” set to rock the vote, where a case was made that largest generation in American History is driving the presidential election and will drive the future of our political culture.

Unlike their Boomer parents – those millions of 50- and 60-something activists born of protest and conflict who accept politics as a blood sport – the younger generation has come of age in an era of burgeoning new technologies providing tangible evidence of the promise of change.

Unlike the conservative Gen-Xers who preceded them, or the harshly divided Baby Boomer Generation, the Millennials are united across gender and race in their desire to find win-win solutions to America’s problems – Winograd and Hais write.

I was talking with my someone about this and they were saying that they just didn’t agree with the generation’s worldview – okay he didn’t use the word, “worldview,” but that’s what he meant – so he just didn’t think that was the way things should go.

I responded that the article was not saying that this was a choice.  The article was saying that it does not matter if we agree with it or not.  It is happening. This generations is driving the future of our society and that we now have to figure out how to respond, engage and embrace the new day.  Part of that process will certainly need to include discerning where we should be counter-cultural, but for the most part, we need to develop a way adapt.

Good times.

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