First coffee in the "sanctuary" and now this?!?!?!

And this?!?!?!?

As part of our Series "Re|Creation: Meeting God in the Here and Now" we added a few elements to our "normal" worship experience.  In order to expand the ways that we might experience God, we invited folks to participate in any or all of the following activities during the course of the service.  Basically, as the service progressed, as folks felt called they could sit at their table/pew/couch and create or join in one of the communal projects.

  • Community mural creation
  • Community prayer creation
  • Clay sculpting
  • Pipe Cleaner Chenille Creation
  • Lego creation
  • Journaling
  • Live Blogging – [Tiffany’s Post] [Ryan’s Post]

It was a tad bit chaotic and it was certainly was not neat.  We have certainly learned a great deal about ourselves and have discovered some amazing gifts of imagination and artistry.  So far I think the experience has re-affirmed our willingness and ability to be creative and open, while remaining focused on creating a sacred space.

I am proud of us.

[more pictures]
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