The best part about blogging and the interactions that are created is that we are given the opportunity to give up the idea that we can – or ever really could – control the flow and sharing of information.   Rather than try to avoid or subdue such interactions, we should embrace and join in on the movement.

While I may not agree with all that is being said, here are some blog reactions to a few of my posts from this blog.

from Bob Davis in response to my post, Can We Agree to Disagree about Homosexuality.

The debates will be much the same as every
other previous year, with the calls to Biblical fidelity and the
"person-ing" of the issue by those who are excluded. You could almost
script them out ahead of time. But, in the end, it will all come down
to a vote. And, the vote will be "yes" or "no." And, as along as the
vote is "yes" or "no," someone will prevail, someone will not.
 We can "agree we disagree," but too much is at stake to leave it at that. READ ON


from Deeper In Me Than I in response to How will we be lead?

I read his comments and couldn’t help but recognize myself, and many of
my friends, in them. Because the world we live in IS changing, and the
church, at is best, is an institution that should be able to respond to
and in culture, not against it. The early church molded itself after
the culture it was a part of, so that it could work within culture and
so that its members could be better witnesses and missionaries to the
people amongst whom they lived and worked.

from Maria Anderson in response to my post, Can We Agree to Disagree about Homosexuality.

The culture we live in tells us that conflict gets in the way of
efficient production, and that efficient production — good
stewardship, if you will — is what life is all about. If a
relationship takes up so much time and energy that you are diverted
from your callings, God wants you to be obedient by walking away from
that relationship and getting busy with all the things He needs you to
DO for Him. We can’t sit around arguing our whole lives . . . there are
lives to be lived! Right?

from Chris Brown, – blog friend and now an in-person one – in response to conversation at The Vault and The Open Door.

I’m not going to summarize everything here, but I will say that I wish
him the best in his run for Moderator and pray that God will bless and
use him for the good of the Church.  I don’t agree with Bruce about
everything – for instance, this issue of homosexuality – but there are
a few reasons why I believe the denomination would fair well to have
him as Moderator of the GA.

from Bob Carlton in response to my post, Can We Agree to Disagree about Homosexuality.

And kudos to bruce reyes chow, for his truthtelling in this post  can we agree to disagree about homosexuality,
where he names the reality – that most denoms & assoc of churches
just can not even agree on the terms of discussion about ordaining
openly gay men & lesbians.  Both "sides" want to scream & yell
that this is not the case – all the yelling in the world sounds like  SSSSSShhhhhhhhsshhhhhing to people who see things differently.

from itdoesntgetbetterthanthis in reaction to my post, On transparency and leadership.

I decided to blog about it today because I found this post
on another blog about transparency and leadership.  He is talking about
being honest about his political views, but I think it applies to all
bloggin ministers – and believe it or not, there are a lot of them out
there. READ MORE

Again, this kind of viral sharing and interaction is at the heart shifting understandings of communication and community.  Surely this way of being does not feel right for everyone, but this is exactly where things are headed, so rather than outright deny or reject the way of being, we should explore ways that this type of communication can enhance the sharing and building up of the faith.



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