One way you know that you are truly worthy of your Presby-nerd platinum membership status is that you have your google alerts set for things such as "Presbyterian Church (USA)" and/or "PC(USA)"  Lest you mock, if you do not, you run the risk of missing out on the regular rants and musings that make the blogosphere so colorful, but you might also miss some of the mainstream media’s coverage of our beloved church.

This morning on my alerts this Monday opinion blog post from USA Today was on the list.  Our own Henry G. Brinton, Pastor of Fairfax Presbyterian Church mused on the image and reality of the religious right in his post, The Resilient Religions right.

Despite the rumors, conservative Christianity is alive and well in the USA, still flexing its moral muscle. And that’s a good thing. For those who might cheer its demise fail to see that religious vitality is actually strengthened by the creative tension between the left and the right.

He raises some interesting points and has generated the expected religious buzz on the comments.  Whether you agree with him or not, he is getting out into the world encouraging some thoughtful reflection on the church.

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