So . . . more than one person has asked about scheduling a moderator visit.  While we can’t promise anything to anyone, we will try to get around as much as possible.  I plan to travel about 3 out of 8 weeks, so multiple cities will be the key.   Personally, I would love to come to things that are done collaboratively between churches, presbyteries, etc.  I would also like to try and get to all the seminaries at some point as well as visit some churches that are little more off the beaten path.  And hey, if there is a possibility for a baseball game – at any level – that would just be a bonus 😉

If you have any inclination that you might want the moderator or vice-moderator at an event, celebration, etc., please make your request ASAP, especially if it is time specific.  I know some folks are sending a "When you are in the area" kind of invitation which gives more flexibility. There is also a Synod rotation that is supposd to go into effect, so knowing events ahead of time would be helpful.

To make an official request

  1. Download and Read:  Moderator Visit and Arrangements Info Sheet
  2. Download and Fill out: Moderator Visit Request Form
  3. eMail it to: Joyce Evans
  4. Wait for us to respond as soon as we can

As far as what we can do when we are there, please just ask and we can let you know if it is possible.  Preaching, Town Halls, Discussions, etc. are all possibilities.   Our job, now that GA is over is to listen to, reflect upon and tell the story of the church, so please use us.

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