UPDATED 07/03 – Craig Nygard started Byron Wade’s Wikipedia Page. Thanks!

Okay, so people are going to say what they will about me*.  That is cool.  Like I said before, some good, some not so nice, but all taken with a grain of salt.   Imagine how tickled my open source sensibilities became when THIS popped up on my google alert.  Yes, I have finally made it.  Wikipedia, you love me, you really do 😉

So . . . I would invite you to go ahead and add your two cents to the various Presbyterian Wiki articles that are out there and help shape the public realties and perceptions that exist.  For those of you that are new to the whole OpenSource idea, it is basically the idea that we better get to the truth when a community is allowed to share.  The community will correct itself over time when there are mistakes, but we get a fuller reality when more join in. 

Here are a few to update . . . [How to edit a page]

Byron Wade // someone needs to start his page, let me know when you do.

List of Moderators // because inquiring minds want to know.  You can also follow links to pages that already exist and/or go ahead and create a new one.

Presbyterian Church (USA) // All you have ever wanted to know and more;

List of Synods and Presbyteries // Be sure to add your links if you got ’em;

So go at it.

* My fav most recent assessment of the election.

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