BRC Movie Review Disclaimer

Last month MBCC Hosted the SF Premier of the mockumentary, Unflinching Triumph, directed by Mark Decena. 

From the maker of the Sundance Award winning film, Dopamine, comes this mockumentary about the up-and-coming sport of Staredown and the organization that supports it, the National Association of Staredown Professionals.

Not only is this a very entertaining flick, but it’s marketing strategy is pretty cool. One, it is being distributed independently with the first release of the movie online where you could download it for free.  Huh and double huh?!?!?!?  Yep, they are betting on building up some steam to give the flick some traction for other venues: festivals, DVD release, etc.   Secondly, it was just pretty darn funny.  For a while there in the middle, you forget that this is not a real sport.  There were some great lines and the creation of the atmosphere was right on.  There is a fair amount of swearing so this one is not for the kiddos and rest assured that no pumas – spiritual or real – were harmed in the making of this film. 

Be sure to check out the official NASP website to see the extent to which they went to create an alternate Staredown universe.  Very funny.

And for your viewing pleasure . . .

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