First Day of School - Youngest[More First Day Pics on Flickr]

With Youngest joining her sisters at school, we have officially begun the empty-nest process.  Our “baby” has begun kindergarten and there is something bittersweet about that transition that will probably take us about 13 years to get used to.  It is not that she was not ready – oh she was so so so very ready – but that we are watching our babies grow up.  Eldest began middle school – boo hoo – Middle is now in second grade – boo hoo – and Youngest refused our offer this morning to let her live with us forever and skip the entire growing up process.  Sheesh.

As we hung out in the cry room, helped welcome new families into our school community and otherwise reconnected with our other family, we know that we have stumbled upon a great blessing here in San Francisco.   This community, that we have collectively entrusted one another’s children to, allows them to thrive in body, mind and soul and expand their experience of the world, humanity and from our perspective, God.

From 10,000 feet high, what an exciting time.

From the hug and kiss goodbye on the playground a she bounded into the next phase of her life, her parents are a little sad as she moves from what as been to what she is becoming.

And oh what will be.

What will be?

We can hardly wait.

PS: While we have chosen to raise our kids in The City, Youngest is not flashing gang signs, those are here Spidey Web Shooter hands. Duh.

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