This week I received this note from self-described, "pastor in post-retirement service trying to be contemporary" regarding the relative techno-navigation that needs explanation for those for whom some of this is new, different, etc. but who REALLY want to get it. 

Thanks for all your work and the tech stuff.   As a 66 year old person trying desperately, despite my right-brained orientation, to be tech savvy, I am frustrated by some things. Perhaps you could help us less than great tech folk (and that’s less than you) with some concrete stuff.  Could you put some tech info-how-to’s as a hyperlink on every email so folk can keep up?  I am thinking  Click here to get more info about all the tech information included here.  The click takes one to some basic explanations: Cap letters in Blue means click here to get the entire letter;  webcasting is?; facebook is a —;.   Thanks, think of it as a ministry of support and help for us seniors!

This is great because it really does push the question for those of us that are charging ahead on some things, but really do need to be part of the transformation that we hope to bring about.  How do we appreciate those who yearn to understand without looking down upon, leaving behind or otherwise not valuing the diversity of experience that we ourselves are pushing the church to value?  Now I make this offer with some hesitation, but is anyone interested in thinking through how we can best do this?  Maybe start up some kind of PresbyBlog Wiki?  We can beg, borrow or liberate from other sources, but put something together here that can help explain the basic basics of blogland?  I have done a little bit of it here, but I think it needs to be expanded and/or revamped.  If you are interested, please drop me a note and/or leave a comment. 

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