Throughout the past 20 years of my involvement in General Assembly type activities, I have always known about the Young Adult Intern program in Louisville.  Most of my personal experience was usually with the intern who worked with Youth and young Adults, but you would be surprised at how many leaders in the church have gone through this program.  And while the programs size has ebbed and flowed over the years, the passion and energy with which the inters serve have rarely been questioned.

First // Lets hear it from the Young Adults Intern alumni.  If you have been a Young Adult intern, let us know, share a story, and/or otherwise put a face to the program.

Second //  It is time for the next class of Interns to step up, so if you are interested in being part of the class of 2009, please visit the Young Adult Intern webpage where you can get an application as well as see a picture of the gorgeous class of 2008!

Possible internship include:

  • Mission Service Recruitment
  • Racial Justice and Advocacy
  • United Nations Office
  • Women’s Advocacy
  • Young Women’s Ministry
  • Enough for Everyone
  • Multicultural Ministries

And of course there is a Facebook Group for Young Adult Interns as well as Young Adult Volunteers.

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