Yes, I enjoy giving my opinion about all things.  And while Yelp.Com helps to feed this part of me, sometimes there are folks who just need to given a little more visibility because, well, if we can’t help folks out that we know, how the heck can are we able to help out folks that we don’t know.   

So here are some folks that I know and who I think are superb photographers should you need one for a wedding, sitting, family portraits, etc.*

Bruce Reyes-Chow Line

Toto @ Balebengong

Not really "in business", but more of a casual shooter, Toto has
taken our family portraits for a couple of years now as well as been an
unofficial photographer at the church.  Still, if you want a layed back
experience, without all the bells and whistles but some GREAT shots, he
is great.  If nothing else, be sure to check out and/or subscribe to
his pics on his FLICKR PAGE.

Bruce Reyes-Chow Line


We have known Kristen and her family for a few years now and they are top-notch uber-cool folks.  Not only does Kristen have a great eye for catching great images, but she is committed to being community in meaningful ways.  If you visit the site, you’ll see some of her work from her involvement with the Not for Sale Campaign.  Kristen is available for weddings, portraits and other events! [eMail Kristen]

Bruce Reyes-Chow Line

We have just finished working with Shaughn at the suggestion of a friend "in the business."  Eldest had to take some pictures for a project she is working on and voila, we made a friend and great contact.  Shaughn’s eye for some cool lines and images are really great and artsy.   Be sure to take a look at his portfolio and for those of you who are at MBCC, you might see someone you recognize, besides my child.  [eMail Shaughn]

* No kick-backs, commission or referral fees are given, promised or strong-armed in exchange for these glowing recommendations.   

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