Greetings all.  I hope folks are doing well and enjoying the joy of the Christmas holiday. 

Okay, so here are a few links that I thought some of you might be interested in.  A little too late for Christmas, but interesting nevertheless.  While I can't promise to always comment on note, events and other things sent my way, please help me share the breadth and diversity of the church by sending me links, stories, etc. and I'll do my best to give some link time.

JohnCalvinCALVINITES // Okay, so if you geek-out over John Calvin's Institutes, then you are already aware of the fact that in 2009 we will celebrate his 500 birthday pretty much all year.  So if you are up for it Princeton Seminary is sponsoring "Read the Institutes" challenge/journey/house-party via their Calvin 2009 website.  Not that the content itself is not compelling in itself, but I am intrigued by the ways they are enabling folks to connect. There is an RSS feature, audio podcasts and daily reflections reflections.  I will be very interested to see if/how folks utilize some of these features. 

LENTEN STUDY // And if you are looking for a Lenten Study, you may want to pick up Alive to God in Jesus Christ by Joe Small.   Was able to see and advanced copy of this and really enjoyed it.

FEASTING ON THE WORD // Okay, yes one perk of this whole Moderator thing is to see some books really early in the process.  A copy of the new lectionary series, Feasting on the Word: Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary was placed in my hands during a meeting and I could not put it down.  Edited by David Bartlett and Barbara Brown Taylor, the layout, feel and content is indeed a feast for the eyes, mind and touch.  I have been using it the past few Sundays and I will go as far to say that is jumped ahead of my New Interpreter's Bible and Texts for Preaching as my initial source.  I think they are up to volume 3.

And finally, let me lift up a quick video from a series on the Legacy of Black Presbyterians.  As we venture into a new day, with new challenges around issues of justice, race and culture knowing where we have been in foundational to being able navigate well where we may be headed.

“Black Presbyterians have a story to tell. In some ways, it’s the same
story; one of oppression and struggle on the road to equality, freedom,
and respect. It was long in coming, but when the Civil Rights Movement
arrived, it arrived with a vengeance. The seeds of discontent that took
root in the movement were sown long before Brown vs. Board of
Education, long before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. It was
an awareness that began in childhood.”

Here is a clip . . .

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