So this afternoon, I hung out a bit and had some conversations with Beau Weston for my second episode of Moderator Musings to talk about his paper, Rebuilding the Presbyterian Establishment.  While I was pretty clear where I disagreed with him on his conclusions about the "why's" and "what do we do now's" of the church I found that he was willing to engage in some discussion and I did agree with much of his assessment of the current state of the church.

Now I know that some folks disagree with me even giving a platform for this conversation because they disagree with his paper and what its perceived effect may be on the church, but I do think that the questions raised by Beau raised are right on, so any change to get some conversation going, is fine by me.

But, I know that not everyone is as forgiving or critical as I am, so if you care to blog about this, keep it coming and I'll update the list as I can.  Feel free to send a trackback or leave your link in the comment section.  You can also see Beau's reflection on the Modcast and/or participate on the FaceBook Group.

Other reflections on Rebuilding the Presbyterian Establishment:

Feel free to watch the video here.  Remember that the time it will take to load will depend on your internet connection.  You may want to hit PAUSE until the buffers.

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