So I know it has been a while since I have been blogging over here, but do not fear, I am back and recommitted to getting my Moderator thing back in the groove.   Just a few updates for you all as I start another trip tomorrow AM to Memphis and Louisville.

BLOGGING BYRON – Byron was made for blogging is seems as he is going gangbusters over on his blog.  Be sure to check out his two latest posts, The Bitter and the Sweet, about a recent presbytery meeting and What's the Way Forward? a post on that asks some questions about the future of leadership in the church.

TASK FORCE APPOINTMENTS – This has certainly been the most underestimated part of my time as moderator, but the end is in sight as I am hoping to make the complete list public on December 15th.  As I am finalizing names, I do so knowing that there is no way to satisfy everyone. But . . . my hope is that most folks will see that I have remained true to my intentions of my original declaration about who would be on these task forces.  Again, I know that folks have been anxious about these appointments and I do wish I could have completed them earlier.  There are already folks who are reading much more into the delay than there is to read, but rest assured the only thing to glean out of this is that if there are this many appointments to be made after the 2010 General Assembly, it will be done much more smoothly.

MEMPHIS AND L'VILLE HERE I COME – This morning I am on the road again and will be meeting with folks from very different parts of our/the church.  In Memphis I will be part of four events. First a meeting with self-described Presbyterian emergents – aka presbymergents – and other such folks from other denominations.  I'll then stay on to participate in The Great Emergence event with Phyllis Tickle as part of my congregational study leave [follow TGE Twitterers].  After that I'll be part of a town hall at Rhodes College at 4:30 [Time updated on 12.04] on Saturday and then Sunday I'll preach at First Presbyterian, Memphis.  Sunday afternoon I am off to Louisville to meet with the Committee Chairs and Chief Executive Officers of the six General Assembly entities.  I'll end my time with a live webcast with Beau Weston.

A NEW IDEA – So I have also been kicking around this idea about ways to build some more connections and have some more discussions as Presbyterians.  I have always thought that blogging gets so many voices out into the mix that we have underutilized this technology.  So, would anyone be up for a monthly "Presbyterian Bloggers" campaign?  I am thinking that on the first of each month we would covenant to write a post on some theological, cultural, social issue from a Presbyterian bloggers perspective.  For instance, January 1, 2009 would be "Presbyterians Connecting: Poverty" and we would each post something on poverty that day.  This is someone modeled after Bloggers Unite.  Any takers?  Want to help think this through?

PERSONAL PRIVILEGE – A few blessings to lift up after such a difficult past few weeks.  First, my wife, Robin Pugh, and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on December 1.  Wow how time zooms by.  Second, the church I serve, Mission Bay Community Church will charter on December 14th.  We will also ordain 10 new elders and I'll be installed as the called pastor.  After pastoring two new churches, this will be the first time in 13 years that I will be installed . . . like plumbing as our new elders like to point out.  And lastly, thank you again for so many prayers concerning the death of my brother-in-law.  Your continued prayers have lifted the spirits of the entire family.

That's it for now.  As always you can follow both Byron and I on Twitter [Bruce TwitterByron Twitter] and/or via the Moderator's FB Group.  Have a great rest of the week and I'll see you around!

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