I just went over to the Growing Christ's Church Deep and Wide ning site after someone poked me because someone said something about me.  I had not ventured over there in a while, but found the thread in questions to be interesting. Taking part in a conversation about PC(USA) advertising also reminded me of the broad variety of places where some meaningful online conversations may be taking place.

So . . . are there other places online that we should know about?  What blogs or social networks have you found to be helpful as you navigate the waters of community and faith?  Leave the links here and maybe we can find a few more ways to engage with one another.

Plug away my friends, plug away!

And here is my SHAMELESS PLUG – Would love for folks to continue to engage in some conversations over on the moderator facebook group.  Some recent topics include?

  • What is the role of advocacy in the PC(USA) today?
  • Thoughts on Commissioned Lay Pastors?
  • Prayers of the people

Feel free to participate in and of the discussion topics and/or start your own.  For a complete list of the 20 or so topics so far CLICK HERE.

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