Because of my role as Moderator, this February, I and my family will have the privilege of traveling to Asia spending time in the Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This is such a great privilege to be able to take this trip to speak with other religious leaders and have a time to strengthen and build some relationships between the church I serve and folks doing ministry in other parts of the world.In a very brief time we are under no delusions that we will get any more than surface introductions to a great many things, but we are, nonetheless hoping to fill our hearts and heads with as much information beforehand as possible.  With this in mind, I would welcome any books, readings, etc that you think we should read before we head out.  Please feel free to offer books/reading about the history of any country or current political or cultural issues.

Soon I will publish appropriate details of our itinerary and will be blogging the adventure on my official moderator blog if you want to follow along, until then, please feel free to leave your book rec’s here.  Thanks in advance.

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