As some of you have heard, Robin and I have the privilege of attending various events at the Presidential Inauguration including the swearing in ceremonies.  This has come up because of my role as Moderator so I will blog over on the other blog for most of the time about my inaug time.  Needless to say, we are very excited about it.

One "funny" as I was buying one of those winter coat thingies.

Bruce: "Excuse me ma'am, i am looking for a winter jacket.  Not too puffy, something I can wear here, but is also okay for cold weather, say 30's, a little windy."
Salesperson: "So what will you be doing: snow boarding, hiking, skiing?"
Bruce: "Um, nope.  Standing. Walking. Standing.  Lots of standing"
Salesperson: Blank stare, "Standing?"
Bruce: 'Yes, Standing."
Salesperson: "Okay"

Our plans are still being worked out, which ball shall we attend, should we even try to sleep, etc.  I suspect that my body will be "paying" for this for a while . . . but so worth it. You can see the complete Mr. Moderator Goes to Washington schedule or if you want to follow along, I will be twittering like a mad man with other folks at #inaug09, so feel free to pretend you are there with us 😉

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