Here are a few odds and ends for your browsing pleasure: post-moderator appointments and pre-invitation extravaganza that will post tomorrow.  Enjoy.

– In just a few hours, my family and I will board a plane on our way to spend 10 days in Asia: Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Rather than my go into all of the details, you can read a great article's by the newest PC(USA) New Staff Reporter, Bethany Furkin, Moderator, family travel to Asia but needless to say we are very excited.  I along with GA folks, David Hudson and Nancy Eng-McNeill will meet with a variety of people in the hopes to get a glimpse of church and cultural realities.  If you want to keep up with the experience I will primarily be blogging here, twittering and using Facebook.

– Take a look at this post form Adam Copeland, a member of the new Presbyterian Hymnal Committee.  Offer some suggestions here around the use of technology.  Good stuff.  And while your are there take some time to explore Adam's blog.  Not often do I feel old, but watching Adam Copeland grow and mature since I knew him as a high school student is one of those times.  Adam is beginning his final year at Columbia Seminary after a year in Scotland.  I would highly suggest adding Adam's blog to your reader as the last year or so I think he has REALLY come into his own as a thinker, blogger and theologian.  It has been a pleasure Adam, thanks for your contribution to the discourse.

ON THE APPOINTMENTS – With three more to go Belhar, Climate of Change and Youth, this part of my role as Moderator is almost complete.  After the first last three were announced, I received mostly positive feedback, some valid criticisms and much second-guessing that was to be expected.  Often the critiques offered were not about the specific committee, but about broader issues that folks wanted to lift up: geographical bias, generational assumptions, etc.  After I get these final three announced, I will post some reflections on some of these issues as well as an overall reflection on whether or not I think this Moderator appointment process is the best way to go.  Thanks again for all those who agreed to serve.

Take care and again, be sure to check back in tomorrow to hear about this living church that I think we are!

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