The Church is Alive!
Taking a break from task force and special committee appointments, I want to invite folks to take part in something that I think is very exciting.   As you know, I have been talking a great deal about these “movements” that I am seeing throughout the church that are not necessarily happening within traditional church structures or channels of communication.  Over the past few months there has been a group of college/seminary/church folks who have been talking about, not starting a new organization, but lifting up parts of the church that run against the idea that the church is dying.

The Church is Alive project stems from an idea that the Church is more
than what some currently believe. We have heard the worries and
anxieties that say that our church is “dying” or “already dead”, but
believe instead that the church is alive, vibrant and a powerful force
for good in the world. We believe that the Holy Spirit is breathing new
life into all corners of our denomination, and that our body of
believers is rich with stories of giving back, exploring fresh
approaches to community, and discovering new ways to worship God.

The Church is Alive Facebook Group

Right now, they are hoping to gather folks together from various constituencies with a campaign called “The Church is Alive”  with its first goal to see if what they think is true, that the church is indeed alive.  There is talk about nationwide house parties and some other things in the future, but the first step is helping people share their stories through video and other social media about how and why they think the church is alive.

My hope in sharing this with you all is to see if there are natural places of convergence with some of the things you all are doing in various ministries.  This is being organized by a group of grassroots community organizers, and are building up involvement from congregations, youth groups, campus ministries, individuals, seminary and PC-related colleges . . . so they are largely operating outside of transitional governing body lines of communications.  With this I am trying to bridge the gap between the two, those doing ministry in traditional setting and those finding new ways to live the faith.  Again, this is not a call for some kind of new organization or wanting to divert energies, but more make aware of some great opportunities to connect if it makes sense.

This is very exciting and I am extremely hopeful about the impact that can be made by so many who are part of this movement.  Below is a quick video invitation and intro that was shot after the 2009 Montreat College conference. 

You can contact the folks working on this via twitter, facebook group and the wesbite.

The Church is Alive: Invitation from Jack Jenkins on Vimeo.

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