Greetings all.  I know if has been a while, but with all good intentions of blogging our way through Asia, it twas just not to be.  We leave for home today and I hoping that on our 15 hour flight, I will crank out a "25 Musings on my trip to Asia" post.  Then again, I could get caught up in a HSM 3 marathon with my kids ;-)  We shall see.

In the mean time, I wanted to pass along this note that I received from The Presbyterian News Service regarding their eMail subscriptions.  There has been some IT work in Louisville which is requiring folks to resubscribe.  I think this is an invaluable means of keeping up with PC(USA) news, so hope you will take advantage of the service. 

We are moving to a new system for delivery of our email newsletter, one that will allow us to send richer HTML e-newsletters. I hope you would like to continue your subscription. Please visit to re-subscribe to our newsletter in the new format. While you’re there you may also sign up for many other PC(USA) e-newsletters.
If you do not re-subscribe, you will no longer receive this e-newsletter. You  may visit at any time to sign up.

The best part about this is that the new subscription page allows one to sign up for all possible newsletters/updates from various denominational agencies.  Pretty cool.

INVITATION – if there are other valuable Presbyterian Church (USA) listserves to sign up for – not really looking for RSS feeds here, just lists that are easy to get sent to eMail addresses – please feel free to leave them here.

Take care all and see you on the other side of the pond.

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