Not even sure how I got inspired to do this – maybe this Top 10 Jewish Characters post – but a few weeks ago I posted the following status update and received a flood of responses.

Bruce wonders about random things late at night. This night he is wondering about Presbyterian movie and TV characters. Top 10 to follow if we can name enough.

By the end there were not only TV and Movie characters, but actors, politicians and more.  But I shall stick with the rules and as promised have put together a list.  I judged them based on a highly scientific matrix called, “Let’s see who I like today” . . . yep Price Waterhouse would be proud 😉

I also eliminated actors playing real people who were real Presbyterians so that knocks out all the movies about actual Presbyterian pastors.  I figure since they had a movie made about them, they already have received enough love.  Squabble if you like, just felt like that was cheating.  Make your own list.

Lastly, I didn’t take the time to fully vet all of the entries, so I have no real proof of truth except from Facebookers submitting names.  They can be trusted, right?  So, yes, if I am spreading lies like some prince from the country of _______ who wants to transfer money to my bank account after I pay a $1000 transfer fee . . . I am sorry.

Anyhoo, my TOP 10 List of Presbyterian TV and Movie Characters.

NUMBER 10 – North Avenue Irregulars – I have absolutely no idea who they are, but someone said they were Presbyterian from some obscure Disney Movie and I will just go with them at number 10 because we all need to learn something new each day.

Hope,jpgNUMBER 9 – Hope Murdoch Steadman played by Mel Harris on Thirty-Something – Staying on the, “huh, didn’t know that” theme and in order to give a shout out to a show that was made back when TV was TV, Hope gets the nod at number 9.

NUMBER 8 – Mr. Big played by Chris Noth from Sex in the City You gotta love a guy who takes his mom to church.  You remember the episode, Carrie is suspicious of Mr. Big so she follow him and BOOYAY, he is going to church.  I THINK it is 5th Avenue PC in NY, but not sure.

NUMBER 7 – Debra Barone played by Patricia Heaton on Everybody Loves Raymond –   Anyone who puts up with Ray’s CRAZY family deserves a spot on any and every list.

PotterNUMBER 6 – Col Sherman T. Potter played Harry Morgan by on M.A.S.H.If I were in the Army, this is who I want to lead me – close second is Bill Murray from Stripes or the guy from 300 – so he gets number 6.  He always lead with fairness and compassion.  I am sure there are some gems of clips from this show – albeit a comedy set in a war context –  that could be used today.  I still remember his goodbye episode as well as the final episode, must have been over 25 years ago.  Oh Hawkeye how we miss your snark.  Does anyone have a tissue . . . sob.

NUMBER 5 – Rev. Mclean MacLean played by Tom Skerritt in A River Runs Through It – While I am not sure he did much for the whole stayed, “presbyterians clap on the inside” persona we have, he is one of the most well known Presbyterians pastors of the movies.

NUMBER 4 – Pam Beesley and Daryl Philbin played by Jenna Fischer and Craig Robinson from The Office – Easily the two coolest, thoughtful and talented people on The Office, so kudos to the writers for not giving us ________.  Though if you want to send me a FB Schrute Buck, I would turn it away.

NUMBER 3 – The Electric Mayhem Band played by the mind of Jim Henson – Really not much to say about this one.  Colorful, fuzzy, hippy rock band.  Pretty much like every Presbyterian Church I have ever seen 😉

NUMBER 2 – Mary Richards played by Mary Tyler Moore, Mary Tyler Moore Show – I would argue after NUMBER ONE on this list, this is the best portrayal of a person who is Presbyterian on TV.  I just happened to watch and episode of this not long ago and was blown away by the wit, insight and humanity it portrayed during this time of our culture.  

MrrogersNUMBER ONE – Mr. Rogers played by Rev. Fred Rogers, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood  – Yeah, while that was his real name, I am going to make the call that he was more playing a character on a Children’s TV Show.   It was not like it was a talk show or was supposed to be REAL . . . remember King Friday, not real.  Sorry.  Needless to say, arguable one of the most influential people in American culture AND a Presbyterian.

I guess the final thing to do is to lay down the challenge to our other denomination friends.  The Presbyterians have brought it so time to step up!
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