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Just sure if this means that I have "made it" or have just enough name recognition and public info about me to warrant the attention of scammers, but I have received a couple of notes as of late about a eMail and Craigslist scam that is going around using my name.  Fantastic.

Apparently this is what goes down in the scam.  An advertisment selling puppies is placed in Craigslist that falsely representing a reputable breeder in the state of _______.   Someone responds to the ad  and the scammer says that they not longer have the puppy that was advertised, but there JUST SO HAPPENS to be a set of puppies that has to be given up by the Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow who is now doing missionary work at an orphanage in West Africa.  

This it the response unsuspecting folks will get.

I'm sorry you are a bit late; I just sold the puppy you saw on the ads to a Lady in IL. CHICAGO . But you can contact one of my buyers that bought Puppies from me, He is Rev.Bruce Reyes Chow, he just contacted me that he is now in West Africa for a missionary work and he went there with the two puppies he recently bought from me. According to him, his commitment with God’s work did not give him the needed time he needs to be with the puppies, also the weather there is so harsh on the puppies health and he needed a caring parent who can adopt the puppies back to the state ASAP. 
Below is his email address, contact him and request for his adorable brown bulldog puppies he need a parent for. He will be very happy if he knows you are from me.I will also tell him about you. Write Rev. Bruce Reyes Chow on his email address below:

If you follow up with that eMail you get the following note in return from the puppy scammer posing as Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow explaining why I have to give up my puppies.

Hi Dear,
Yes!!! I sent the breeder to find a caring parent for my babies. First of all, I must thank the Lord that I found an intending parent for my babies Adam and Eve because I love them so much.I use to live in the USA before I got a divine call to serve God and humanity here in West Africa and this gave me little or no time for my babies. The weather here is also not lenient with my babies. They hardly come outside with me because of the weather. I want to get them adopted back to The USA where they will be sent back to the weather they were acquainted with before.
My Job here in West Africa involves going to interior villages to give food and clothes to the less privileged ones in the Niger delta region and I also use this opportunity to preach the word of God bringing people to the knowledge of the gospel of Christ, I also work with the charity organization.
You can learn more from:
My babies are 3 months and 2 weeks old; they are AKC registered, current on all shots. Health certified. Loves to be cuddled and loves to play. They are home trained. I am asking $500 for my two babies and including shipping. You will promise me that you will be sending their pictures to me in every 2 months as an update with regards to how they are doing with you in your home. I love them so much but they will be missed. They are my real babies. Please treat them as though they were your babies.
Their names are (Adam and Eve) I am attaching their pictures for you to view them. I can't wait to hear from you ASAP. Get back to me with your phone number and shipping address for delivery if you are still interested to give my babies a good home such that I want for Adam and Eve.
Get back to me ASAP.
God Bless You,

Rev.Bruce Reyes Chow.

I must give it to the scammers, this is a pretty elaborate scheme that they have going.  I know nothing about the orphanage that they claim I am working at, if it is real or not, but I hope that by posting this I might be able to save someone from an unnecessary headache.

The good thing is that there really is no damage done to me as they are simply posing as me, not stealing my identity nor posing any fiscal threat.  I am not sure what else to do, I may contact craigslist and google just to let them know they are being used, but i am not sure what they could do.  Like and other human interaction folks just need to be wise and intuitive about the situation.  If you have any ideas, please feel free to let me know.

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