Some part of me has always wanted to be have some connection to an Intentional Christian Community, the kind that lives together, works together and serves together.  Being the close-to-40 control-freak that I am, not sure it is something that I could do at this state of my life, but what a vibrant and powerful expression of one's faith and life.  Below is some information on one that is beginning that has some strong Presbyterian Church (USA) connections, but please feel free to leave links, comments and/or shout-outs about any others that are worthy 😉

Here is the info I received . . .

Pittsburgh, PA // a place of beginning for those considering intentional Christian community.  Inspired by a number of old and new monastics, a group here in Pittsburgh recently purchased a spacious home to offer a place of beginning for those considering intentional Christian community, Formation House for the purpose of announcing that the Kingdom of God is near!

Participants in Formation House not only share daily rhythms of prayer
and work, they also are substantially supported through a growth
process towards becoming a well-formed intentional community member. 
By the end of the annual cycle participants are dispersed far better
prepared for this way of life.

The big push right now is to find the folks who will be a part of the first annual cycle, beginning in late August. Early application consideration is in a little less than three weeks, Sunday, April 5.

Application and Info | Facebook Page | Formation House eMail

Pray. Work. Grow. Repeat

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