You are kidding me?  Another couple of church & culture pundit types with another internet radio talk show?  Really?  Yep, beginning May 4, 2009, author of The Tribal Church and pastor, blogger, artist-wannabee and mom, Carol Howard Merritt and yours truly: author of many books in my mind, pastor, techno-hack-wannabee and dad will team up for a new internet talk show, sure to be the best thing since Baconnaise.

Warning: If this already makes you queasy, stop reading right now because we are all up into this! Here is a quick blurb for this, as of yet titled, internet talk show:

Welcome to __________  where each week, Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt, two yahoos from two different coasts get together through the magic of the interwebs to host a talk show focused on faith, politics, culture and life.  Gleaning from the experiences of special guests, questions from call-in listeners and a never-ending well of current issues and church happenings Bruce and Carol will take on issues of the secular and the spiritual.

Through their collective stunning radio good looks, cutting wit and honed theological and cultural analytic chops, Bruce and Carol will provide listeners with an hour of meaningful entertainment that will nourish the soul, feed the mind and induce an occasional deep and hearty exhale.

In all seriousness, we do think there is a time and place where we each need to step up and be part of something greater than ourselves.  Through our diverse church experiences and a deep common yearning to find the bridges between tradition and innovation, Carol and I will attempt to provide a place where we can discover the challenges and celebrations that God may have in store for us and the world.  We hope you’ll find the time to join us.

And while neither of us is wildly radical,  we would like to do this a little differently, balancing our own passions and preferences with the gifts, skills and passions of the larger community.   So we need some help from you . . .
  • A NAME: While we do like “The Bruce and Carol Show” we are open to other names, so if you have any good suggestions, let us know. 
  • TEAM PLAYAAAAS: We need a few folks that have some extra time to come along side of us and be part of the team.  We are not making any money on this endeavor, but if we ever do, lattes and sushi on us!  We need folks to offer up their names for the following ambiguous, as-of-yet-to-be-fully-determined roles.  Might be a cool internship for someone?  Maybe?  Keep in mind that Carol and I know just about enough in each of these areas to be dangerous, so if you do not want us mucking up your area of expertise, step up!  If you are interested in any of these, please send me a quick resume/letter [Bruce’s eMail].
    • Program Producer: Help us to determine topics, structure the program and secure guests; basically keep us in line so the show runs smoothly.
    • Technological Producer: Help us to best use the technologies available to us for live and recorded POD and VOD casting.  Basically tell us what we need to do, how to do it, then help make it happen.
    • Internet Organizer: Coordinate the show’s presence and interaction on Twitter, Facebook, blogging and whatever else we need to do do build listenership, instigate conversations and be positively influential.  
  • Buzz : While we are a few months out from launching, as you journey through your worlds of ministry and work, feel free to help us get the word out.  Keep up with both Carol and I on twitter [CarolHoward] [BReyesChow] and basically help spread the word as it makes sense and feels right.  Feel to blog and link back to this post to help us find possible team members and we would love for folks to blog review us as we begin the weekly show.

Okay I think that is it for now.  Be sure to mark your calendars now for our first show and we’ll “see” you then!

The Bruce and Carol Show unless someone comes up with a better name

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