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A few months ago I submitted two book proposals to a publisher with the hopes that I could find a place where my open-source blogging sensibilities would converge with a more traditional publishing culture.  A few weeks ago, I was informed that they accepted one of the two proposals and we just needed to work out the details.  And while there was some flexibility and a genuine yearning figure out what is next in the on-going battle between the blog world and traditional publishing, we could not come to an agreement around some of the digital issues I was hoping to explore.  

So, I am turning the offer down and will attempt to self-publish.  Deep breath in . . . and exhale.

While I am disappointed that I won't be able to work with some great folks as my publishers, I very much understand.  I know I bring very little street cred in the book world and, honestly, I would be hard pressed to take a fiscal gamble such as this in today's economic climate.  New writer, tough times, perfectly understandable.  Needless to say, this decision has been surprisingly bittersweet, but in the end, I am very excited about the possibilities for myself and any and all who may tag along for the journey.

So . . . over the next year or so I am going to try and get myself all disciplined and stuff and do this.  I gots me some things to say!  And heck, what is the worst that can happen?  There will be a few books that I can leave for my great-grandchildren that will make great show-n-tell artifact. 

That might just be worth it.

Now before some of you cry, "What the . . . do you know what goes into this?"  Yes, I know.  After doing a great deal of research as well as receiving some vital counsel from published folks, it became clear that the upsides of self-publishing far outweighed those of a traditional publisher.  Sure, there are certainly some things I will loose by not accepting an offer from a legitimate publisher.  Not only will I lose some of the built-in distribution structures, but the editorial relationship and discipline that comes with that will be much different.  So, while I am sure this is going to feel incredibly overwhelming at times, I do not go into this totally unawares.  In fact, it is quite liberating.

So . . . I know that some of you folks have some great stories to tell, maybe a book or two in ya or are simple interested in following such an endeavor.  If this is you, I would love for you to venture along with me as I research, explore, experience and muse on such things topic as . . .

  • self-publishing services
  • writing practices
  • blogger as author issues
  • editing process
  • publicity, marketing and pr
  • fiscal implications
  • social responsibility
  • digital issues
  • whatever else I discover that I do not yet know

Part of my writing discipline will be to post some kind of reflection on my still-being-designed BRC BOOK PROJECT/S BLOG by midnight every Wednesday PM throughout the entire process.  I will begin fleshing out the book more fully in the next month and hope to begin writing in earnest by my birthday on May 3, 2009.  My intent is to take full advantage of my soft-hearted friends and family with a "Buy my book for my birthday" marketing campaign and have it ready for the swarms of people to purchase it on May 3, 2010.

So there you have it.  Release the hounds and let the adventure begin!

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