Thank you all for the "The God Complex" tag line suggestions for the highly anticipated – at least in our own heads – new internet radio show with Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt. 

First, you all's be too too funny . . . and thoughtful.  I, for one, can't wait to get this party rolling to see what meaningful trouble this crew can into as we explore faith and life together. 

But first things first . . . the tag line.  So here you go, your chance to participate in the democratic'ish process of online polling!  In the next few days please cast your vote, blog, tweet, retweet, go door-to-door, make an announcement at the next movie you see, ask your neighbors, release your your flock of messenger pigeons or name your next Guitar Hero band "Be sure to vote in "The God Complex Poll" . . . we are not picky about your tatics, we simply want to know what "the people" think about this so way totally important issue facing our country! 

This poll will close at 11:59pm, PDT, Sunday, April 12th, so don't delay, VOTE now!

And remember to mark your calendars for the first episode of

"The God Complex: ________________________"
An internet radio show with Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt
Monday, May 4, 2009, 9:00amPDT/12:00EDT
on a computer or handheld listening device near you

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