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While chilling in Columbia . . . Missouri that is, I had the great opportunity to catch-up with my aunt and uncle.  Clyde and I have over the years connected about church, blogging and technology as he is a well-known name in the citizen journalism field and professor at Mizzou.  Recently facebook and twitter have allowed us to connect more consistently, good stuff this technology!

A certified – or certifiable – newspaper guy, he has always asked good questions about the culture and life of the newspaper industry on both large and small scale.  Well . . . he is up to it again with this project to see if moble phones will be the our future newspaper.  With the level of mobile phone usage in many countries skyrocketing, this is should be an interesting study.

Below is more explanation fro Clyde, so of you have a moment, please take the survey about your mobile phone and newspaper reading. [TAKE SURVEY]

Each term at the University of Missouri I help a class of undergraduate news students tackle a real journalism issue using the thorough research methods of the marketing and academic worlds.  It is a way to teach these future reporters and editors how research works while letting them explore the depths of their own profession.

My current class is trying to determine whether our readers’ cell phones may one day also be their newspapers. The have already conducted an intensive set of interviews and focus groups on mobile phone use both as a news platform and a tool for news collection.  Now they have designed a survey to better explore the journalistic potential of cell phones.

This is important research —both for them and for journalism — on several levels.  For the students, it helps them understand that there is much opportunity in the future beyond print, broadcast and Web.  For the industry, it may demonstrate that that device 80% of us carry could someday replace or supplement paper for “print” news.
The students are trying to get a broad set of responses — journalists, techies, stay-at-home moms, professionals and blue collar workers.  That’s a hard chore on the Web unless the link is picked up by one person and passed along to another.  So we hope this link can “snowball” through the blogosphere:

If people have any questions about this survey or the larger project, contact Dr. Clyde Bentley, AKA the Moderator's uncle ;-) 

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