Presbyterian Bloggers Continue to UNITE: Poverty, Church & State, Gun Violence

Presbyterian Bloggers Unite // Poverty Last month the Presbyterian Bloggers Unite focus on Campus Ministry generated 30 or so blog posts that communicated people's deep love for and commitment to Campus Ministry.  Thanks to everyone who signed up and posted their thoughts and reflections.  The diversity of experiences and perspectives was inspiring.  Please take some time to read the posts and comment if you have a chance.

Next up for Presbyterian Bloggers Unite is POVERTY.  Some of you have already signed up, but in case you want to join in this month, here is the description.  I hope you will join in and post your thoughts. 

To build
awareness of ways that the Presbyterian Church (USA) communities
address issues of poverty AND to offer ways to mobilize efforts.

the first day of each month, in order to build awareness, strengthen
community and spark action Presbyterian Church (USA) bloggers will post
their thoughts and musings addressing the following questions:

  • how would you define describe POVERTY and its impact in your community?
  • how has or has not your community of faith addressed issues of POVERTY?
  • what are the greatest hopes and challenges that you think face your
    community, larger church and the greater society in dealing with issues
    of POVERTY?
This month [05.01.09] it is POVERTY.

If you are new to Bloggers Unite, the platform I am using, once you join any particular group you will be sent reminders and instructions on submitted your published posting.  And you should see future topics as well, here, or individually below.


  • JS Howard  

    To go slightly off topic (off topic for the discussions you posted, but not off topic to suggest a 4th), how about an open discussion about how presbyteries treat churches that want to leave, and the evident difference in how the church reacts to one sort of pastoral misbehavior vs. pastoral association with a movement to leave the PCUSA? Compare the treatment of the pastors in these two stories:

  • JS Howard  

    They’re on my calendar.

  • Bruce Reyes-Chow  

    JS – Again you have hit on the great part about this. I nor anyone else controls content of the posts. Even though it does say “control” that does not mean that everyone will present only one perspective. Not other than vulgarity and outright disrespect and civility, the days of thinking we can control thought and perspective are over. Now the challenge is not to withdraw from the conversations. In this case Gun Control is an inevitable topic, but I hope that we see the breadth of opinion, in fact, I will be disappointed if there is no submission from you! Really it is VITAL to get a diverse accounting of opinion because an event like this is not just about the PC(USA), but how other may indeed see us engage in disagreement. – bruce

  • JS Howard  

    What made/makes me suspicious is the category tags at the end of the post: “presbyterian gun violence control”

  • Bruce Reyes-Chow  

    JS – Thanks for taking the time to comment. While I do know that there are many who stand in the same place as you in regards to church and politics, I think the WONDERFUL part about information and opinion sharing in this format is that, barring certain bounds of behavior and content, you can voice that and see where other agree or disagree. When it comes to issues of politics, I would encourage you to join the event and blog about why you think this is NOT something that the church should be part of. The same would go for issues of Gun Violence – which, please be aware – is NOT about Gun CONTROL. Certainly this may be an issue for some, but I really hope folks will broaden the conversation. In the end it is my hope to draw people INTO conversation rather than push out. Again, the ways in which information can be shared this day, you never know where movements and momentum be inspired and encouraged.

  • JS Howard  

    Great, another round of victim disarmament (i.e. gun control) from the denomination. I’ll consider giving to the church again when that money won’t be used to try to strip me of my second amendment rights (or, in all fairness, to push whatever agenda the right would favor if _they_ were the ones in control at the denomination level).
    Is it moral or ethical for the PCUSA to push political positions (either liberal or conservative) that a large chunk of its membership oppose? Aren’t you choosing politics over your brothers and sisters, who you drive away by doing so? Isn’t it equally wrong for both the left and the right to “legislate morality”?

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