Susan Boyle As I sit here in one of my "offices", I know that pretty much no one here would guess many of the most important things about me: father of three, married for almost 20 years, pastor, national church leader, etc.  At first glance, I am some middle-aged Asian guy, headphones implanted sitting here with my mac sipping a latte. Not all that original here where I live.  I have been the target of surprised reactions to what I do and perfectly aware of the fact that I do not look "the norm"  . . . whatever that means.  I don't hold this against anyone, because most of us are guilty of making initial assessments based on what we see. What else can we do?  We might make educated guesses based on various things, but really how many of us really get to know anyone without interacting, knowing gifts, etc. We know this, but yet, a reminder is good every once in a while.

A friend of mine sent me this link to the show Britain's Got Talent and one of the early performers, Susan Boyle.  And while I do not claim to bring the skillz that she does by any stretch of the imagination, I do commiserate with the feeling of being not taken seriously without ever doing anything to warrant such a reaction.   Be cynical if you want, but this is just one more reminder that we need to always watch out what we assume about other folks.

Take the 7:00 minutes to watch Susan Boyle's rendition of I Have a Dream.

I do not know the rules of the show, but Go Susan Go!

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