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This past weekend I turned the big FOUR OH. Yep, four decades ago right along with theseAWESOME EVENTS, Bruce Reyes-Chow entered the world. When it comes to big celebrations, our family is not a big party Crew and since the last thing that I need is more stuff, I put together a very simple what I want for my 40th birthday list hoping folks would support some causes in which I believe. Not to ask for anything that I wouldn’t do myself, I also created a gift for myself, 40 Prayers 4 My 40th Birthday. Now I am all for giving actual gifts to one another, but I am also committed to finding creative physical and emotional ways to use important moments in our life to help create some good in the world.

As I was thinking about what I would post on SF Gate, I figured I would give myself another gift, but this time, 40 Reason I HEART San Francisco. I know that I am sounding like a full-time employee of the SF Tourist Board, but I swear, I simply love living here. In my 20 years of living in SF in various neighborhoods, choosing to raise our three daughters here and eating through the united nations of food possibilities, I can easily say that the benefits of living in SF far outweigh our numerous struggles. I have included some of my thoughts also with some quick thoughts that were submitted via my Twitter feed.

Hate if you want, this is my town and here are 40 Reasons why.

I HEART San Francisco because . . .

  1. …of all the places that we are NOT. Rhymes with “touthern malifornia” ;-)
  2. …of the weather. 50′s to 80′s throughout the year is pretty hard to argue with;
  3. …of the fact that our liberal democrat mayor, is the often seen as a raving conservative. It’s a bubble and I like it;
  4. …if you have leanings towards any spiritual life, you can find at least one other person to join you;
  5. …it just seems mean to hate aging baby boomer hippies;
  6. …we are a smug bunch and pretty much don’t care what you think about that smugness;
  7. …when thinking about eating out for a day one can have Salvadorean for breakfast, Indian for Lunch, Soul Food for Dinner and bubble tea for dessert;
  8. …we have cable cars;
  9. …of the view from Twin Peaks;
  10. …when it comes right down to it, this city is not all that big in geography, population or culture;
  11. …our public school is awesome;
  12. …seeing some guy walking down the street in chaps, and only chaps, is not all that shocking…unless of course it is at the aforementioned public school;
  13. …of the brave souls who actually swim in our ocean;
  14. …would rather live in a progressive city that is never progressive enough for it’s progressives rather than a city that shuns any progress at all;
  15. …of dogs at Fort Funston;
  16. …you can listen to a live organ at the Castro Theater;
  17. …I’d rather be seen as too kind and compassionate than too cold and hard-hearted.
  18. …my kids hardly ever gets asked if they speak English here;
  19. …the Roxie;
  20. …I can hang out with the hipsters at Ritual Roasters or walk down the street hang out with the “unhipsters” at Muddy’s;
  21. …I acknowledge that there is still racism, disparity and discontent that compels ourselves and eachother to confront that which is unjust;
  22. …apparently we have street numbers that go as high as the 40′s; go figure! And a bonus is that a visa is not required to get out there ;-)
  23. …we still don’t have a WalMart which symbolically says loads;
  24. …We have earthquakes and lack any of the other natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and child beauty pageants;
  25. …we have buffalo;
  26. …I run into people I know all the time; just like Any Small Town, USA;
  27. …apparently we have a set of values named after us, now if I could just find that list;
  28. …we have Union Square, The Embarcadero, our own mini Holland complete with a Windmill and Tulips, Marina Green; and as much as it pain me to admit it PacBell/SBB/ATT Park is a pretty nice Baseball Park.
  29. …we have awesome organizations like The SF Food BankWu Yee ServicesDelancey StreetThe Janet Palmeroy Center
  30. …our change of seasons are subtle as we don’t need the drama of changing leaves, falling snow and senior migration;
  31. …we have hills.
  32. …who doesn’t like a sunny day that can turn bone chilling cold in a matter of minutes?
  33. …when folks refer to “The City” we all know what city we are talking about;
  34. …the joys of diversity are greatly worth working through the conflicts that diversity can bring;
  35. from Sonnie – The thing I loved and miss the most about San Francisco is walking. I could walk just about anywhere when I lived in the City;
  36. from Anitra – my father went to & returned from WWI in the Pacific passing underneath the GG Bridge;
  37. from Christina – Adrian Monk keeps it clean;
  38. from Paula – cuz it’s where our families [and myself] first stepped foot when we/they first came to the states;
  39. from Katina – the signs in Potrero that point out the obvious by saying “HILL” before a precipitous decline;
  40. from Gabrielle – I love the rain, tartine bakery, dolores park, burritos, living in a bubble, cable cars, murals, nonprofits, and mbcc. :)

Now of course you can argue any of these, but I would also love to hear what would be on your list . . . if you love this place, why?

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