[Images: Ann Klingensmith]

Last Sunday, as part of a recent Moderatorial itineration, I had the privileged of preaching at First Presbyterian Church, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. While fairly traditional in style, the community was open to thoughtful and creative expressions of worship.  Looking a little more formal that folks are used to seeing me, church member and recent McCormick Seminary Grad, Shawna Bowman** and I tried to provide some new expressions of our historic faith.  Honestly, I just preached as I usually do and Shawna provided the visual and liturgical creativity.

Above is what you would have seen, Shawna doing her art thing projected on the wall and the final product with the theme being dreaming, the future and God’s call on our life to birth something new.

Now I know that there are many other ways folks have integrated various art forms in worship.  How has that been for you?  What advice would you give for others?  What obstacles and opportunities to see in even trying?

What say ye?

* Much love to the folks in East Iowa Presbytery and the Mt. Pleasant Church for the warm hospitality and great conversations!  Also as part of this trip thanks to the PA crew for the same: Carlisle Presbytery, Wilson College and Market Square Presbyterian Church.
** See more of Shawna’s liturgical art

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