Janicemuppet A ways back on The God Complex radio show, Carol Howard Merritt and I interviewed Eric Elnes of the Phoenix Affirmations.  Never one to miss and chance to "liberate" a good idea, Eric introduced himself using only Facebook Quizzes.  So, with a few moments free this weekend, I went ahead and took 10 quizzes to help me get to know . . . well . . . me 😉

Below are the 10 quizzes that I too along with the link to the original FB postings with my comments and others' witty repartee 😉 Feel free to leave some more if you so choose.

Which mighty woman of the Bible are you most like?
Ruth [FB Commentary]

Which Monty Python and the Holy Grail character are you?
King Aurthur [FB Commentary]

Which Beatles song are You?
I Wanna Hold Your Hand [FB Commentary]

Which US state do you belong in?
South Dakota [FB Commentary]

What cereal are you?
Lucky Charms [FB Commentary]

What Lord of the Rings character are you?
Aragorn [FB Commentary]

What 80's song describes you?
Things Can Only get Better [FB Commentary]

What color Crayon are you?
Purple [FB Commentary]

Which Muppet are you?
Janice [FB Commentary]

Which Glee Character are you?
Will [FB Commentary]

That's it for now.  You can of course get the TRUE story on my reg Bio Page. And if you have some more quizzes that you think I might want to try, feel free to let me know.  We all need some brain candy time, right?

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