Throughout my travels as I have been attending conferences and visiting ministries, I have invited folks to send me short write-ups on their ministries and, with the understanding that, as I was able, I would post them on this blog.  My hope in doing this is by no means to touch upon all ministries with a Presbyterian connection, but only to gives glimpses of the breadth and depth in which we engage in ministry around the world.

Here is one  received from from Warren Wilson College, an independent, accredited, four-year liberal arts
college in the Swannanoa Valley near Asheville, NC. I was able to visit this extraordinary campus this past Summer.

from Rev. Julie Lehman, Director of Church Relations

UPDATE 12.09.09: September New York Times article on Warren Wilson College.

Warren Wilson College as founded by Presbyterians in 1894 and maintains a covenant relationship with the Presbyterian Church (USA). The roots of this historic relationship continue to nurture the College’s commitment to community, social responsibility, the value of work, and openness in the pursuit of truth.  The College provides a strong sense of purpose, place, and participation, and supports diversity, community, and personal development.

The Mission of Warren Wilson College is to provide an education combining liberal arts study, work, and service with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and experiential opportunities for international and cross-cultural understanding in a setting that promotes wisdom, spiritual growth, and contribution to the common good.

One of only six work colleges in the country, Warren Wilson requires all students to log 15 hours a week with an assigned work crew—one of over 100 crews essential to the daily operation of the College. Everyone contributing and working together creates an air of respect which feeds a strong sense of community.

In addition to the work requirement, Warren Wilson students offer at least 100 hours of service to the greater community during their four years.  The college has over 240 Community Partners.  In 2008, the student body logged 25,565 hours of service to the community.

Service for the Heart


Recently Warren Wilson’s iconic EcoDorm, which opened in 2003 as a pioneering model of energy-efficient building designs and renewable-energy technologies, has become the first building on a college campus to achieve LEED Platinum certification in the Existing Buildings (EB) category. Platinum certification is the highest rating level a building can receive under the LEED system.

Students who choose to live in EcoDorm are also choosing a way of life. Forgoing some energy consuming appliances such as TVs and hairdryers committing to being active participants in the EcoDorm community.

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