As some of you know when I was in high school I marched in a drum and bugle corps called The Mandarins.  And while they are consistently in the top 20 in the country these days, i was part of the early years a rebuilding time when we went from from scraggly corps to national champs.  A wonderful time in my life to say the least.  Much of what moved me about drum crops was the amount of power that a group of people could generate if/when they worked together.  A few years ago I finally took my kids to a corps show and while there were not sure what to expect, when the the corps started and pushed forward with walls of sound, they too were moved.  I stumbled upon this video of the Santa Clara Vangaurd and a simple 90 second warm up of the horn line.  This is the corps that I always wanted to be part of but was never quite good enough.  SCV is classy, precise and powerful as the come.  And with all due respect to you marching band peeps out there, there is nothing as powerful as a hornline that is playing beyond themselves.  In another video the instructors says to them, “play from your soul, always play from your soul.”  They do.

Def worth your 90 seconds, just make sure you turn up your speakers!

And not to forget you drumline peeps, here is one for you too.

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