Ever have one of those days when you feel like you are living an episode of one of your favorite TV shows?  Now if I had my druthers I might choose to be someone cool like Jian-Wa Chang, from Vanishing Son or Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, but this week I think I was cast as Michael from "The Office" in the episode called "Hilariously awkward moments with Strangers"

SCENE ONE:  While talking with the Delta representative about changing a flight we had to stall because  I called just a few minutes before I could get my change confirmed.

Delta Agent, "We now must sit for two minutes in awkward silence."
Me, "Don't worry, it's not my first time."

In the mean time we talked about the little town outside of Minneapolis where she lived, the weather etc.  Quite a pleasant two minutes.

SCENE TWO: While at a global ecumenical church conference, I was introduced to many of the delegates as "The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA." And while many of the older delegates knew who I was and were overly kind and enthsusisctic regarding the office . . . not so much with some of the younger folks.  One evening as I was sitting with a few of the under-30's and folks were trying explain to one of the delegates about my position, one of the first questions posed was . . .

Delegate, "Um . . . so is that a job?"
Me, "Not really."

More of calling really 😉

SCENE THREE: During a surprise four-hour layover in Detroit - thank you Delta - I stumbled into a conversation between some of the workers at one of the cafes. They were probably high school or college and they obviously knew each other well.  The women were giving the men a hard time about the way they were discussing a person in the store.   Best line by one of the women, ". . . some men still respect women for more than their booty" and that they would all be scared to talk to her anyway.   One of the female employees saw that I was there and  looked at the other co-worker with the " . . . cut it out there is a customer here" eye.

Without skipping a beat and with a head nod to me, "Don't worry about him, I KNOW this brutha was a pimp back in his day."
Me - *no words*

Cue credits.

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