A symbol of unknown origin.

When I first wore this shirt, my teen-aged daughter tweeted,

“Dad is wearing a shirt with a symbol of unknown origin on it.”

Oh those whipper-snappers have no idea of the joy that seeing this “symbol” brought to me what I saw it at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In the basket it went along with a hat for my wife.  A small piece of our childhood captured in silkscreen.

I wore this shirt again during an event last week and again, the 20’s of the bunch had no idea what this was. Was it some new Trinitarian symbol? Maybe it is a intergalactic symbol from some obscure sci-fi cult classic? Surely it must be something with deep meaning . . . or not.

With these comments in my head I decided to try a little experiment. So I posted a picture on facebook with the caption, “‘Do you know what this is?’ Answer with age and yes or no.”  After 170’ish responses, it became pretty clear that under 30’s have no idea what it is and those above about 37 all knew . . . or at least remembered that they used to know 😉  Those young/mid 30’s were a mixed bag, but nonetheless, this wonderful tidbit of audio nostalgia holds a specific place in history.

I suppose the reason that many folks under 30 have no idea what this is is because of the dramatic technological advances in music technology . . . along the lines of the floppy disk for computers and or mobile phone in a bag for communications.

So . . . a few questions for you:

  • Do YOU know what this “symbol of unknown origin” is? Leave your age and “yes” or “no” to see if the pattern continues in blogland. If you MUST cheat, here is the wiki entry.
  • Can you think of any other such artifacts that illustrate some generational realities: technologies, cultural events, entertainment happenings, etc.?

I will return to some postings on RACE later, but until then a little fun about one thing that we certainly all share in common . . . aging.

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