2010-09-13 10.11.02 I was just wondering if the whole "meme" thing has dissappeared, and then lo' and behold, friend Adam Copeland who blogs over at A Wee Blather "tagged" me to particpate in his tattoo meme.  And because Adam is a great guy and I have some good stuff to avoid getting done today, I fugured why not?

Instructions from Adam's post and my responses:

In a few sentences, respond to the questions below. When you’re done, share, tag a few friends, and pass on the questions. Keep the title, “Meme: My faith, my tattoo” for easy searching. For background on what the heck a “meme” is, see this article.

  1. Describe your tattoo(s)
     Just one, a Celtic cross on the inside of my right ankle. Blurry pic to the right.
  2. What made you want that tattoo(s)?
     I had always wanted one, but never did until I was 23.  My mom was not a big fan and not many of my friends had any ink.  Then one day while at a conference a friend of mine – another pastor – and I decided we would do it together.  So after searching for a place to do it, we got them done at some bar/tattoo parlor in Black Mountain, NC by some dude with a homemade needle. Priceless.
  3. How did your faith influence your tattoo, indirectly or directly?
    Honestly, this was not a "faith" decision.  I wish it was deeper, but alas was just something that I think looks cool and always wanted to do.  Still, the fact that I got a cross certainly has some significance in that I was willing to mark myself with something that I felt was integrally part of who I am.
  4. What’s the relationship between your tattoo and your broader understanding of your body?
    I was really hoping it would make me look skinnier and taller 😉 I have never had a big issue with tattoo's and the marking of one's body. I do realize that it is permanent, but there is something about being able to control your body that makes tattoos a powerful expression for many folks.  Certainly there can be an level of usage that is not healthy and there are historic usages of marking/branding that are significant, but in general I think tattoo's are simply another expression that I and other should have control over.
  5. Was it worth it…do you have regrets?
    Less than a fan of the tats, if you were to ask my wife about this, she would say yes.  I will certainly not get any more – though I REALLY want to – because it is not just about me.  When I got this one, I asked her if she would mind.  Being in the same space around people's control over their own bodies, she simply said, "I would prefer that you didn't." I obviously didn't listen to that and, yep, was a rough few months for us.  So I am not sure that I regret it as much as it is a bittersweet marker of my understanding of self and my relationship to my wife.
  6. What funny story has happened because of your tattoo?
     When my friend and I went to get the tats I went first.  As I was sitting there in A-G-O-N-Y he kept asking me if it hurt.  Not one to give him ANY opportunity to bug out on me, I played it cool, "Naw, it's not too bad."  Upon the the beginning of his process – and after he had to get his hairy ankle shaved – the look on his face was priceless, kind of a combination of "THIS HURTS!" and "Bruce, you are a LIAR!"
  7. How did your tattoo change your faith (and if not, why not)?
     Again, my tattoo was not originated by any significant theological crisis or life-changing event, so *hanging head low* will have to say, not much.

I am not a big tagger, but if you are up for a quick post idea and you have a little ink you want to highlight, join on in. Again here is the ORIGINAL MEME POST.

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