As many of you know, today is “National Coming Out Day” as sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign.  And while I generally don’t like to jump on the proverbial bandwagon for these kinds of things, I think it is well worth it today in light of the heightened awareness of so many young people who have succumbed to suicide because of bullying about their perceived or actual sexuality.

One of the things that is important is for Christian “allies” to also “come out” in a sense.  After all, when you really think about it, we have a privileged silence that cannot compare to what our LGBTQ brothers and sisters experience EVERY day that they are not able to live out loud about who and how they love.  Sure, if you are a truly in solidarity, you do not need ONE day to make that known, but I believe it is important to also be visible and public when we can.

And let us make no mistake that one of the greatest perpetrators of the rhetoric, justification and execution of the spiritual and physical violence has been the church.  I fully know and admit this as part of the reality of this family of people that I am part of.  But at the same time, not all Christians are of the believe that homosexuality is a sin or a choice, but truly a God created reality.

So here is the challenge for you Christians out there – LGBTQ or otherwise – who have been silent.  As this day is marked for those who may “come out” as LGBTQ, I would challenge you to leave your name here as a Christian who stands with and for them as then do so. There will be folks who will come at you, dismiss you and sling all kinds of arrows and insults, but also no that the more voices that we lift up together, the louder that the just, peaceful and loving voice of Jesus Christ is heard as well.

So, please take the time to leave your name on my PUBLIC SFGATE POST and be heard: NAME, CITY and WHY.

And may the peace of Christ be with you.

For more resources, events and other info about NCOD, CLICK HERE.

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