Reyes-Chow Daily Pictures UPDATE 01.05.11: A few friends are also posting daily pics, so of course, I blogged about it.  For a list of who is taking on this challenge, check out, The 2011 "Picture of the Day Challenge"

Just one year ago, I posted the first of my "My life in pictures" for 2010, a picture of the blue sky in Phoenix, AZ.  It is hard to believe that a year has gone by.  It has been at times really fun and at others a burden of my own creation.  I have not only received some generous feedback, but looking back on the year, it has served as a great time of reflection for me.

But the year has come to an end with days 361-365 "vacation" and I am ready to share the joy.  So this year I will continue the practice but added to the mix will be the rest of the family.  Armed with digital cameras all, we will collectively give you a glimpse into the lives of this urban-dwelling San Francisco family we document our year through the eyes of all five of us.  This will cross post on bruce's twitter and fb pageno longer on my facebook profilerobin's twitter and fb profile and ev's twitter and fb profile.  All pictures will be posted using our joint blog on Posterous.

We hope you join and enjoy the journey with us through 2011.

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