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January 31 2011

[photo: oudeschool] Fear, anxiety and the insecurity . . . it seems that in varying degrees society today is driven by these things.  We fear what is new, the unknown makes us anxious and feeling out of control sparks insecurity.  Within[…]

January 28 2011

[photo: Tony George]   As I write this, I realize that I am risking spoiling the appetites of my 27 readers who may begin to picture me all sweaty holding extremely compromising yoga positions.  I am really sorry about that, but[…]

January 26 2011

 [photo: sweetmojo] Over the past few months I have found myself frustrated a lot.  Sitting on the sidelines observing a few interactions between Christians with whom I find theological and ideological commonality, I’ve found myself whispering under my breath, “I love[…]

January 24 2011

[image: jenosaur] Now I am in no way part of the "manners police," in fact I often think that sometimes we expect politeness as if that is our reward for doing nice things.  Still, like an encouraging word out of the blue[…]

January 20 2011

Okay, I made that last one up.  Amy Chua is NOT hiding under some bridge waiting to pounce upon the next innocent child who happens to walk by.  But good golly, if you catch any of the buzz and reactions[…]

January 19 2011

[image: @photo] Now I make no assumptions of the vocal competence of the two folks engaged in a little karaoke fun in this pic, but it is pretty clear they are totally getting into it and having a good time[…]

January 15 2011

While I am sure that there are some seriously good snarky answers to this – and feel free to leave them if you want – I am seriously trying to figure this one out.  Dictionaries haven’t helped and haven’t really[…]

January 11 2011

[image: D Sharon Pruitt] A few weeks ago, I posted Five Reasons Why I Engage in Social Media in the hopes of articulating what I believe many of us experience as we instinctively wander through our social media lives.  I[…]

January 5 2011

In January of 2010, on a whim, I started posting a picture each day called, “My life in pictures.” I really didn’t think I would make it all the way to day 365, but figured I would give it a[…]

January 4 2011

If you’re the twittering type, hurry and nominate your favorite twitters in news, politics, music, etc.  People of faith know that God is also all up in the twitter, so let others know by NOMINATING ME or any other folks[…]

January 1 2011

[image: macetech] Whether it is a “best” or “worst” list, it seems as if everyone is coming out with some list to end 2010 or begin 2011.  So never wanting to be left out, here is my list of predictions[…]