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Now I am in no way part of the "manners police," in fact I often think that sometimes we expect politeness as if that is our reward for doing nice things.  Still, like an encouraging word out of the blue or a gentle touch from a loved one for no reason, a well placed "thank you" can do wonders for ones spirit.

So this morning, who are you thankful for?  Here mine in no particular order:

Thank you, my social media community. While I can't always share and process everything in the light of twitter, facebook, etc., I so appreciate the ways in which we take care of one another in ways that are meaningful and powerful. Thank you.

Thank you, Mission Bay Community Church.  On January 1, I began my twelfth year as the pastor of this faithful group of folks.  Since our beginning in 2000, we have been though a great deal of life together: the good, bad and miraculous. For the ways you have lived out your response to God's call upon your life, thank you.

Thank you, my daughters school. Our children have attended a public school here in San Francisco since my oldest began school now almost 9 years ago.  We have always deeply appreciated the way in which the community, teachers, parents and administration have cared for the fullness of each our our schools diverse population in body, mind and soul. So as we prepare to graduate our oldest one into high school and see the ways in which her community has taken shape, I am so grateful for the roll our school has played in shaping the person she and the others have become.  Thank you.

Thank you Robin. 20 years after exchanging marriage vows before friends, family and God, I am so thankful for our ability to navigate the adventuresome waters of marriage, family and life.  Thank you for what is yet to come and our mutual and continued journey of becoming all that God intends.  Thank you.

Now obviously there are many more individuals and communities for whom I am thankful for today: my parents and extended family who put up with my chaos, the Urban Pastor's crew, my mentors who poke into my life when needed, the folks who have created communities at Java on Ocean Cafe, Queen Malika's, and Philz Coffee, the random stranger who makes me laugh and the friends who are encouraging me to think big about so many things.  

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So . . . who are you thankful for today?  Please feel free to share as always, or better yet, send a note, tweet or speak a word of thanks to someone today.

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