Archive: February 2011

February 26 2011

Spent the day with some folks from the Presbytery of New Covenant talking about culture shifts, church planting and the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Had a great time!  Here are the slides I used for the morning session.  Much thanks to the[…]

February 23 2011

Photo: Here I am officiating my sister, Deanne’s, wedding. This past December my wife, Robin, and I celebrated 20 years of marriage. That chilly 1990 December morning at Ocean Avenue Presbyterian Church, before God and our community, we boldly and[…]

February 21 2011

  Like many people today, I have opinions about a great many things and expertise in few. But, as a person who votes, pays taxes, is a person of faith and happens to have a venue where I can freely[…]

February 19 2011

There is so much going in the our little part of the Christian family called the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Honestly, sometimes our in-fighting and bickering seems so trivial in light of other happenings in the world. Still, for many of us this is our[…]

February 17 2011

[photo: myvector] OK, I admit it, the post title is a tad bit provocative.  But, left or right, the very idea of finding commonality is intriguing.  For even though all of the terms used above are ideologically and semantically loaded, I[…]

February 14 2011

Dear Girls, You may not remember, but four years ago I wrote you a really cheesy letter expressing the love and hopes that your mom and I have for your lives. Well, your Dad is cheesy as ever so I[…]

February 13 2011

For the next few weeks our kitchen table looks like it will be Girl Scout Cookie central.  Middle is pretty driven – shocking – to sell, sell, sell!  We are trying to help her develop a kind and generous entrepreneurial spirit, so[…]

February 12 2011

In order to test out the usefulness of the new Facebook Page upgrades, this week, February 13-20, I am going conduct a bulk of my facebook activity: posts, links, updates via my page and not on my profile. But why, you ask[…]

February 11 2011

[Photo by bavetta] What feels like a million years ago, I was a signatory on a letter to members of congress about Arizona’s law, SB 1070, Presbyterians Issue Statement on AZ Immigration Law. A that time there was great controvery about immigration[…]

February 9 2011

[Photo by Lou FCD] During a recenthot yoga class, my instructor basically told me that I was doing really well, but I needed to get rid of the “game face.”  Now I have always been a pretty competitive person.  I played[…]

February 7 2011

[Picture of The Shower of Stoles Project]  The past few days I have had the privilege of attending and presenting at the Creating Change Conference in Minneapolis.  This is an annual organizing and training event put on by the National[…]

February 5 2011

[Photo: dolmansaxlil] A few weeks ago I posted the following facebook status update: Exercising my vast pastoral skilz today which included: fixing the wifi, rolling out the garbage bins and unclogging a toilet. The stories kept rolling in from folks who[…]

February 3 2011

[Photo: hekatekris] Oh it feels so good, so justified, so deserved . . . and in the end harmless. “Sarah, you are an idiot!” “A-Rod, you are overrated and the YANKEES SUCK!” “Oh Justin, oh Justin, you just make me sad[…]

February 2 2011

DISCLAIMER: While my daughter did happen to be in a Google Chrome Notebook Commercial (4:38) she had nothing to do with how I received a free Google Chrome Notebook and I am receiving no compensation for this review other than, well, this[…]

February 1 2011

[photo: billolen] As you know, I wear many hats these days: pastor, parent, slacker, etc.  None of these are what most folks would describe as lucrative endeavors, but one of the ways that I participate in the  cash windfall that rains[…]