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March 24 2011

This Lent I have the privilege of being part of a group of bloggers who are offering reflections for the Lenten Blog Tour 2011. Sponsored by the good folks behind the new Common English Bible, you can even get a free copy of the CEB[…]

March 24 2011

[photo: jakimowicz] About six months ago, in an attempt to streamline my life and give myself permission to not accomplish everything all at once, I took a soft stop on a book project that I had been working on for the past[…]

March 23 2011

For those of you who never read the directions anyway, just sign-up already 😉 First Name Last Name Email Twitter Okay fine, if you are one that wants to know what you are actually getting yourself into, here’s the deal[…]

March 18 2011

This weekend families in San Francisco will begin receiving school enrollment notifications for the 2011-2012 school year.  We went through this stressful time about nine years ago with our first child as we entered the public school system and are[…]

March 18 2011

It’s okay, you can admit it, every so often in the middle of the night you are jolted from a deep slumber by the realization that you have no idea where you can find a complete list of Presbyterians on[…]

March 12 2011

As I walked down the hallway towards the hospital room, I knew the next few moments would be difficult.  It was not the fact that I was there to say goodbye to my grandmother who was laboring through her final[…]

March 5 2011

I have been talking about the idea of developing a structure of “Institutional Fludity” for congregations for a while.  I have started to put some thoughts down and presented some ideas to some folks at LEAD 2011, an educational event sponsored[…]

March 4 2011

[photo: The Tim] For my non-Presbyterian readers, pardon the interruption for some musing about the denomination in which I serve, the Presbyterian Church (USA), but I suspect we are not the only ones in this pickle. Last year I read[…]

March 3 2011

This week, thanks to Klout Perks, my wife and I were treated to an unexpected date night and a special preview of the new Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, sci-fi, thriller, love story, “The Adjustment Bureau.” Opening March 4th, I[…]

March 2 2011

First, thanks for clicking on over here to read the geekiest of posts.  I know not all of my readers are interesting in the socoal media stuff, but after recent posts on such topics as public education, marriage and bipartisanship, I[…]

March 1 2011

While parents certainly have a huge impact on their children, sometimes the likes and dislikes that they develop are all their own.  This is illustrated no better than by the fact that my two youngest children absolutely love vegetables for lunch.  Far from health freaks, we[…]