For those of you who never read the directions anyway, just sign-up already 😉

Okay fine, if you are one that wants to know what you are actually getting yourself into, here’s the deal.

I am going old school and starting an eNewletter inviting folks to listen to the rattlings around in my head in the hopes that we can do and discover some cool stuff together.  More specifically . . .

Bruce’s Brain is a group of “inner-circle” friends, conspirators and goofballs who, together, hope to discover meaningful adventures and enter into kick-ass conversations about life, faith, culture, technology, politics and, on occasion, the plight of the oft-ignored duck-billed platypus.

Those who are part of the “Bruce’s Brain” list are agreeing to receive a monthly’ish communique that may or may not contain some of the following:

  • Raw Rants – Exclusive rants that will not be posted on a blog or anywhere else.  Kind of a “Dear friends, what the eff’s up with . . .” note from me that will surely get me into some trouble and you can be the first to get it.
  • Free Schwag – Promotions and other blatant offers to wear, drink, read and/or get free things.
  • Worthy Causes – A cause, organization or emergency that deserves our support and energy, not just financially, but via social media, memes, petitions, etc.
  • Prayer Requests – People, places and situations in need of prayers of peace and/or celebration.
  • Featured Follow – A twitter person who we will mob with follows because he/she is a kick-ass twitterer or really needs to get in gear and get a twittering.
  • Featured Friend – Someone who is doing something really cool that I think deserves some exposure and kudos.
  • Links and Content – Links that I have discovered over the month that might expand our worldview, tickle our funny bone and/or piss us off enough to do something.
  • Shameless Ask/Plug – An ask to give some feedback on a project, submit blog ideas or click on something with which I am directly involved.

So that’s it.  I promise not to flood your email inboxes with useless crap, but simply call on you once a month – generally on the 1st – to take a dip into my noggin’ and see if there is anything that you might find of use.

Thanks for playing and peace be with you!

Bruce Reyes-Chow Line

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  • April 2011
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