Presbyterians on TwitterIt’s okay, you can admit it, every so often in the middle of the night you are jolted from a deep slumber by the realization that you have no idea where you can find a complete list of Presbyterians on Twitter.

It’s okay —  it happens to the best of us. Our collective need for connectionalism online and in real life is strong. Embrace it.

To do my part to ensure sound and restful nights of sleep for Presbyterians everywhere, here are a fews lists that will get you well on your way to following and being followed by those who self-identify as related to the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Lists of Presbyterians on Twitter

How to use these lists:

  • Follow the lists without following the people . . . The best thing about twitter lists is that you can track the people on the list without having to actually follow each person. If you click on any of the links above and then click on the [SUBSCRIBE] and the list will show up on your profile as one of your lists. You can then click on the list to see what folks are up to. The downside is that you have to remember to click on the list as the tweets will not automatically show up in your twitter stream.
  • Find people to follow . . . Each of the links above takes you to the main list page.  If you want to actually find folks to follow, you should then click on the tab titled “List Members” and then go through the list.  You can easily follow people by clicking on the “Follow” button by each name.
  • Get followed by others . . . Getting your or your ministries name on this list may get connect you to other folks, to be sure that you are included. If you can’t find your name or are just not sure, feel free to direct a tweet to @breyeschow with your name, org and how you are connected to the PC(USA) and I’ll take a look.

To find out of you are on the list already:

  • From your HOME PAGE click on SEE MY PROFILE.
  • Click on LISTS on the left side.
  • Click on the MEMBER OF.
  • Scroll down to see if you are already included on any of the three above lists.

I think that’s it for now. Oh . . . and you really should be following: @presbyterian.

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