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April 30 2011

UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE – UPDATE ADJUSTING AND ADAPTING: While I had hope to have enough vids to fill the day, it was not too be by our initial deadline of May 22.  While we did get more than[…]

April 27 2011

Like many denominations, the Presbyterian Church (USA) is grappling with issues of homosexuality and ordination and we are now in the final stretch of voting on constitutional changes. One amendment, 10a, if passed, would essentially open up ordination in our denomination to those[…]

April 22 2011

I am sure you have seen the billboard/s in your town. The clipart inspired brown signage with words boldly proclaiming”Judgement Day, May 21″ complete with a penitent and praying silhouette, a very cool gold sticker saying that “The Bible Guarantees it” and[…]

April 8 2011

[photo: brianna miller] Sorry to disappoint some of you who might be looking for a “Top 10 List” of things that all Christians believe about such things as: abortion, sexuality, politics, Glee, hell, gambling, dinosaurs, baseball, immigration, Justin Bieber and/or[…]

April 7 2011

Over the past 16 – *gasp* Sixteen years?!?!? – of ministry I have had the pleasure of supervising five interns: Sayer Strauch, Derrick Weston, Nick Larson, Abby King Kaiser and currently Erica Rader. If you have never had an intern[…]

April 6 2011

Looking at today's weather forecast for San Francisco, this is EXACTLY why we tell folks to wear layers. 50-80 year 'round, and sometimes in the same day.  Looks like shorts and a windbreaker is the order of the day!

April 3 2011

12 years later and I still remember the day my Eldest child climbed her first mountain. She and I were hanging out at a local indoor playground where she was exploring the colorful structure in the toddler area. I was[…]

April 1 2011

Most church folks know that the two times a year that new people often come to church are on Easter and Christmas Eve. We also know that the number of folks who actually come BACK or develop a meaningful relationship[…]