Over the past 16 – *gasp* Sixteen years?!?!? – of ministry I have had the pleasure of supervising five interns: Sayer Strauch, Derrick Weston, Nick Larson, Abby King Kaiser and currently Erica Rader. If you have never had an intern in your place of ministry it is really is quite wonderful.  The practice of and reflection on ministry does not only benefit the intern, but I know that I have been given much from these relationships.

In the past few months I have had no less than five people inquire about being an intern at MBCC, so I know that there are some great folks out there looking for a meaningful place to serve and learn.  There are a variety of places that do this placement work: seminaries, colleges, etc. but I figured I would provide another opportunity for folks to connect.

I know the biggest issue is money . . . mostly a church saying, "We ain't got none!" but I know of a few folks who might be reading this post who are in a fiscal situation where compensation could come in the form of housing or something else.  I am not encouraging anyone to take advantage of folks who need an internship, but rather to be open to some creative solutions.

So . . .

Are you a community that might be looking for an intern?

Are you an intern looking for a placement?

If so, leave your info here and who knows . . .


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